Our Personal Dental Services

We all know you have only have one chance to make a first impression and more than 50% of people say that the first thing they notice is a person’s smile.

At The Smile Center, we have devoted ourselves to providing you with all the tools you need to make the VERY BEST first impression with a dazzling smile.

Whether you seek a neighborhood dental practice for your entire family, a cosmetic makeover for improved self-esteem, a lifetime of overdue dental treatment with a range of sedation options for both adults and children or just want the gateway to better overall wellness that proper dental care provides, look to The Smile Center for that smile of a lifetime you’ve always wanted!

Know Your Teeth

"A smile starts from the inside and spreads outward"...and knowing what all those numbers mean that your Dentist uses can help bring a big smile to your face!

Oral Exams

As responsible adults, we check the tires on our cars, we check our bank balances, we check our messages. But, how often do we overlook having our teeth checked?

Filling Alternatives

A mouthful of silver or gold Fillings used to be quite commonplace. However, in addition to those standard options, Dentistry today offers alternatives to a metal mouth!

Dental Cleanings

“I brush and floss every day...why do I need a cleaning from my Dentist?”

Invisalign Braces

Once upon a time, having beautiful, straight teeth meant enduring years as a “metal mouth” or “tin grin.”

Dental Crowns

We all know the idea of someone’s “Crowning Glory” as something that adorns them or their reputation.

Patient Anesthetic

Nearly 30% of Americans admit that they are afraid to go to the Dentist, regardless of the pain they may be experiencing due to a Dental issue!


We’ve heard stories from our parents or grandparents about tying a string to their tooth as something they may have done to remove it!

Root Canal Therapy

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Root Canal” but few understand the language and procedures behind these words.

X-Ray Options

While “X-Ray Vision” once fell into the realm of science fiction, today your Dentist can get a complete picture of your overall oral health through the use of sophisticated diagnostic X-Rays.

Dental Bridges

We've all heard the expression “bridging gaps” when talking about something to fill a need. Just as we use this terminology regularly in our business or personal lives, the same phrase applies to Dental Bridges.

Cosmetic Veneers

Despite having great Dental health and following a regular check-up schedule, you may still be unhappy with the appearance of your smile. But thanks to cosmetic Dentistry, you can have a Hollywood smile!

Dental Implants

In times past, once you lost an adult tooth, it was gone forever. However, with modern Implants your smile can be restored and once again a source of pride for you!


Even with all the advances in modern Dentistry, sometimes one or more teeth cannot be saved. But you do not have to spend the rest of your life sporting a toothless grin!

Tooth Whitening

A survey revealed virtually all Americans consider a smile an important social asset! As your most distinguishable facial feature, it opens doors like nothing else.